Biologi og biohacking i praksis!

Biologigaragen is as an association for people with an interest in practicing biology, and a physical laboratory co-located within singularityU Nordic .

We aim to build a network of members who want to meet, play, work, hack and think in a new way. Biologigaragen is part of an global network of Do-It-Yourself Biology (DIYBIO) or Biohacker Spaces which enable citizen science to take place regardless of the educational background you may have. Science is open to all, and learning is about empowering yourself with knowledge!

We look forward to welcoming you to our lab! Come and join us for our weekly meetups and to meet some of our members as well as view what machines we have in the lab and what can be done!

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Målgruppe: Alle. Københavnsområdet
Emner: Biohacking. Biologi
Tidsperiode: Året rundt
Organiseret af: Biologigaragen

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